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REST Web Service Help


This is the authorization web service.

Access is granted based on username and password parameters. You should use a POST request. Please contact your sales representative to locate these values.
Format user=[user name] and pass=[password] - After a successful login, you will receive a token in the response. You should use this token in the query string instead of the username/password arguments: &token=[token]


Parameters allow you to filter the query. Simply append one or more of the desired parameters below to your URL - /services/rest/auth?token=xxx&parameter=xxx.
All queries are limited to a maximum of 100 results. For access to more than 100, use the start filter with multiple iterative calls.

formatThe format in which you wish to view the results. Format: &format=['json' or 'xml']
userYour username. Format: &user=[user name]
passYour Password. Format &pass=[password]


Fields are segments of data returned by each service. Below is a list of the fields you will receive in this service. If you want to receive a subset of fields, you may append &fields=[one or more fields separated by a comma] to your URL - /services/rest/auth?token=xxx&fields=field1,field2.

tokenYour login token. Format: text

User login