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This is the deal webservice. Adjust your query by specifying different parameters (listed below) in the URL.

Access is granted based on username and password parameters. You should use a POST request. Please contact your sales representative to locate these values.
Format user=[user name] and pass=[password] - After a successful login, you will receive a token in the response. You should use this token in the query string instead of the username/password arguments: &token=[token]

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GET   http://www.ifrmarkets.com/services/rest/deals


Parameters allow you to filter the query. Simply append one or more of the desired parameters below to your URL - /services/rest/deals?token=xxx&parameter=xxx.
All queries are limited to a maximum of 100 results. For access to more than 100, use the start filter with multiple iterative calls.

fieldsSpecify which data elements to return. Format: &fields=[comma separated list of fields]
formatThe format in which you wish to view the results. Format: &format=['json' or 'xml']
startOffset at which to start results, e.g. skip the first N results. Format: &start=N
limitLimit results to a total of N. Format: &limit=N
nidSpecify the id of the content to return. Format: &nid=N
dateRetrieve recent stories from this date. Format(s): &date=MM/DD/YYYY%20HH:MM &date=[unix timestamp]
date_sortThe sort order of date property. Default: descending. Format: text (desc, asc)
catCategory or categories to return. See http://www.ifrmarkets.com/services/rest/dest?dest_type=deal&help Format(s): &cat=N &cat=N,N
statusThe current status of the deal - specify which number(s) in the query string. Options Include: FILING=1; RUMOUR=2; MANDATE=3; ANNOUNCEMENT=4; ROADSHOW=5; PRE-MARKETING=6; PRICE GUIDANCE/TALK=10; BOOKBUILDING=7; LAUNCHED=8; PRICED=9; WITHDRAWN=11; POSTPONED=12; UNDISCLOSED=13; Format(s): &status=N &status=N,N
pricing_dateA date range to locate a deal based on pricing date. Format: &pricing_date=mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy
settle_dateA date range to locate a deal based on settlement date. Format: &settle_date=mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy
currencyCurrency or currencies to return. Specify a numeric value from: http://www.ifrmarkets.com/services/rest/dealccy Format(s): &currency=N &currency=N,N
sectorThe sector(s) to return. Specify which number(s) in the query string. Options Include: Cons Disc-Autos=0; Cons Disc-Media=12; Cons Disc-Durables & Apparel (incl Homebuilding)=19; Cons Disc-Retailing=20; Cons Disc-Services (incl Gaming)=21; Cons Staples-Food, Bev & Tobacco=22; Cons Staples-Household & Pers Products=23; Cons Staples-Retailing=24; Energy-Coal & Consumables=25; Energy-Oil & Gas=13; Financials-Banks=27; Financials-Diversified=28; Financials-Insurance=29; Financials-Real Estate=30; Health care-Pharmaceuticals=31; Health care-Equip & Services=32; Industrials-Transportation=33; Industrials-Capital Goods=34; Industrials-Commercial & Profess Services=35; Info Tech=10; Materials-Chemicals=2; Materials-Mining=37; Materials-Construction Materials=38; Materials-Containers=39; Materials-Packaging=40; Materials-Paper & Forest Products=41; Telecomms=15; Utilities=16; Format(s): &sector=N &sector=N,N
deal_typeThe type of deal to return - specify which number(s) in the query string. Options include: Non-Structured=6; Structured=5; Format(s): &deal_type=N &deal_type=N,N
type_detailType detail. Specify which number(s) in the query string. Options include: ABS-CAT Bond=12; ABS-Consumer Loans=29; ABS-Container Lease=36; ABS-DPR=37; ABS-Franchise Fees=14; ABS-Healthcare=39; ABS-ILS=17; ABS-Misc/Other=13; ABS-Railcar Leasing=42; ABS-Recovery Bonds=43; ABS-Small Business Administration=44; ABS-Secured Bonds=45; ABS-Servicer Advances=46; ABS-Structured Settlements=47; ABS-Tax Lien=48; ABS-Timeshare=16; ABS-Trademark Licensing=50; ABS-Whole Business Securitisation=51; AUTOS- Dealer Floorplan=3; AUTOS-Fleet Leasing=53; AUTOS-Leases=28; AUTOS-Prime Retail=1; AUTOS-Rental=30; AUTOS-Subprime Retail=2; CARDS-Fixed=4; CARDS-Fixed/Floating=27; CARDS-Floating=5; CDO-CLO=10; CDO-Other=11; CMBS-Cell Towers=63; CMBS-Conduit=18; CMBS-CRE CDO=65; CMBS-Floating Rate=20; CMBS-Freddie Mac=67; CMBS-Large Loan=68; CMBS-Single Loan=19; EQUIP-Dealer Floorplan=70; EQUIP-Lease=71; EQUIP-Loan=9; NHA MBS=81; RMBS-BTL=73; RMBS-NC=24; RMBS-Other=75; RMBS-Prime=76; RMBS-Private Label=23; STUDENT LOAN-FFELP=7; STUDENT LOAN-Other=80; STUDENT LOAN-Private=8; CMBS-Other=82; SME-CLO=83; RMBS-Subprime=84; AUTOS-Non-Prime=85; RMBS-NPL=86; Single-Family-Rental=87; ABS-Rate-Reduction=88; ABS-Triple-Net-Lease=89; ABS-Trade Receivables=90; ABS-Insurance Premium=91; RMBS-Risk Sharing=92; ABS-PACE Bonds=93; ABS-Solar=94; UK-Auto Loan=95; RMBS-RPL=96; EQUIPMENT-Loan and Lease=97; CMBS-Liquidating Trust=98; ABS-Aircraft Receivables=99; ABS-Cellular Sites Leases=100; CMBS-CRE CLO=101; RMBS-Fannie Mae=102; RMBS-MSR Fees=103; CMBS-Conduit=104; CMBS-SASB=105; CMBS-Freddie K=106; CMBS-FRESB=107; CMBS-Fannie GeMS=108; CMBS-Freddie Other=109; CMBS-Fannie Other=110; RMBS-CAS/STACR/Other CRT=111; RMBS-Prime Jumbo=112; RMBS-RPL/NPL/Seasoned/S&D=113; RMBS-Non-QM=114; RMBS-UK=115; ABS-Device Payment Plan=117; Format: &type_detail=N &type_detail=N,N


Fields are segments of data returned by each service. Below is a list of the fields you will receive in this service. If you want to receive a subset of fields, you may append &fields=[one or more fields separated by a comma] to your URL - /services/rest/deals?token=xxx&fields=field1,field2.

nidThe unique identifier of the story. Format: integer.
createdThe date the story was initally created. Format: UNIX timestamp.
changedThe most recent modification date. Format: UNIX timestamp.
actionWhether this is a new or updated story. Format: string.
titleThe Deal headline. Format: text.
urlThe Deal URL. Format: text.
authorThe Deal author - firstname-space-lastname. Format: text.
productThe product that this content belongs to. Format: string.
category_nameThe name of the category of this content. Format: string.
catThe category id of this content. Format integer.
field_deal_typeDeal Type. Format: number/integer
field_deal_statusStatus. Format: number/integer
field_asset_typeAsset Type. Format: number/integer
field_pricing_datePricing Date. Format: date
field_deal_issuerIssuer. Format: text
field_issuer_borrower_typeIssuer/Borrower Type. Format: text
field_deal_issuer_long_nameIssuer Long Name. Format: text
field_offering_typeOffering Type. Format: text
field_currencyCurrency. Format: number/integer
field_program_typeProgram Type. Format: text
field_leadsBookrunners. Format: text
field_sizeSize. Format: number/decimal
field_deal_issuer_orgidIssuer Orgid. Format: number/integer
field_other_bookrunnersOther Bookrunners. Format: text
field_groupGroup. Format: text
field_size_typeSize Type. Format: number/integer
field_book_sizeBook Size. Format: number/decimal
field_other_groupOther Group. Format: text
field_couponCoupon. Format: number/decimal
field_book_size_typeSize type. Format: number/integer
field_coupon_typeCoupon Type. Format: text
field_oversubscription_rateOversubscription rate. Format: text
field_floating_rateFloating Rate. Format: text
field_nicNIC. Format: text
field_divdiv. Format: number/decimal
field_structured_finance_typeStructured Finance Type. Format: text
field_issue_pricePrice. Format: number/decimal
field_sharesShares. Format: text
field_type_detailCollateral Type. Format: text
field_reofferReoffer Price. Format: number/decimal
field_parPar. Format: number/decimal
field_yieldYield. Format: number/float
field_moodysMoodys. Format: number/integer
field_spreadSpread. Format: text
field_guidancePrice Guidance. Format: text
field_spS&P. Format: number/integer
field_fitchFitch. Format: number/integer
field_iptIPT/Whisper. Format: text
field_dbrsDBRS. Format: number/integer
field_originatorOriginator. Format: text
field_other_originatorsOther Originators. Format: text
field_other_ratingsOther Ratings. Format: text
field_guarantorGuarantor. Format: text
field_tenorTenor. Format: number/decimal
field_listedListed. Format: text
field_maturityMaturity. Format: date
field_callCall. Format: date
field_denomsDenoms. Format: text
field_sub_typeIssue Type. Format: text
field_uopUOP. Format: text
field_cusipCUSIP/ISIN. Format: text
field_reopenReopen/Tap. Format: text
field_sectorSector. Format: text
field_totalTotal. Format: number/decimal
field_lawLaw. Format: text
field_total_typeTotal Type. Format: number/integer
field_feesFees. Format: text
field_stabilisStabilis. Format: text
field_first_pay1st Pay. Format: date
field_marketFormat. Format: text
field_businessBusiness. Format: text
field_countryCountry. Format: number/integer
field_regionRegion. Format: number/integer
field_settledateSettledate. Format: date
field_tranchesTranches. Format: tablefield
field_notesNOTES. Format: text

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