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REST Web Service Help


This is the terms webservice. Adjust your query by specifying different parameters (listed below) in the URL.

Access is granted based on username and password parameters. You should use a POST request. Please contact your sales representative to locate these values.
Format user=[user name] and pass=[password] - After a successful login, you will receive a token in the response. You should use this token in the query string instead of the username/password arguments: &token=[token]


Parameters allow you to filter the query. Simply append one or more of the desired parameters below to your URL - /services/rest/terms?token=xxx&parameter=xxx.
All queries are limited to a maximum of 100 results. For access to more than 100, use the start filter with multiple iterative calls.

termSearch for a term id by keyword. Format: &term=[url-encoded keyword search]


Fields are segments of data returned by each service. Below is a list of the fields you will receive in this service. If you want to receive a subset of fields, you may append &fields=[one or more fields separated by a comma] to your URL - /services/rest/terms?token=xxx&fields=field1,field2.

nameThe name of the destination. Format: text.
catThe category id of the destination. Format: integer.

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